Repair Small Holes In A Wooden Garage Door And Apply Stain And Sealer To The Entire Door

If flooding occurred on your property and an untreated wooden garage door has a few small holes in its surface as a result, clean the wooden surface and fill the holes by completing the steps below. Once you have made the repair, add a coat of stain and sealer to the door to give the wooden surface an updated appearance and to protect the wood from further damage. Supplies Needed

3 Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy By Pruning

Keeping your landscaping in good condition can take a lot of work. If you have trees in your yard, pruning is part of this maintenance. It can ensure your trees are healthy and that your property is safe. In addition to healthy trees, pruning can also be used to create interesting features in your landscaping design. Here are some tips to help create interesting shapes with the pruning of your trees:

Tips To Avoid Problems With Your Outdoor Propane Heaters

Pouring concrete during the winter months can be a challenging task due to the cold temperatures interfering with the drying and curing process of the concrete. While propane tank heaters can be a highly effective solution for preventing the cold from causing problems for your concrete pour, it can be common for individuals to make simple oversights when it comes to caring for these heating systems. To help ensure that your concrete drying propane heaters are kept in the best condition possible, you should be mindful of the following few tips.

Tips For Choosing A Paint Color For Your Living Room

Before you paint your living room or hire interior painters, you need to decide which paint color you'd like to use. This isn't always an easy task when you consider how many paint colors are available. Additionally, there are several other factors that you need to consider before deciding that a paint color is perfect for a room. Check out these tips to help you choose the ideal paint color for your living room.

How To Paint Stripes On Your Wall

Stripes are very trendy lately, and you can see them everywhere from clothing, home decorating elements (such as pillows and curtains), and even on walls. Stripes on accent walls can give your home a nice decorative pop, rather than just using a different paint color on the accent wall. Painting stripes is not too difficult and you can do it a few different ways. For the more adventurous, use multiple color stripes.