Keep Water Out Of Your Basement

Making sure that your basement is waterproof is important. Water can cause all kinds of damage when it gets into your basement or your foundation. It can cause your foundation to crack and settle, which can cause all kinds of damage to your house. Another issue with water seeping into your basement is that it can cause mold and mildew. The mold can be hidden, which means you can't deal with it until it becomes such a problem that it affects your family's health or until it finally grows up somewhere visible. That can be a costly repair. The easiest way to keep that from happening is to make sure that your basement has appropriate waterproofing to start with. There are a lot of ways that you can waterproof your basement. The ways break down into things you can do externally and things you can do internally. 

External Options

These will be things that you do to the outside of your house or the area around your house. They will hopefully keep water from getting into your house in the first place, especially if you are getting a lot of water. You can use some of these techniques alone, or you can combine them with other options. One thing that you can do is to make sure that your downspout isn't emptying right at the foundation of your house. The water that comes out of your gutter will have a good chance of getting into your foundation that way. A better option would get some kind of extender so that the water will empty further away from your house. You can also get French drains installed around your house. These drains will take any water that is around your house and funnel it away from your house. 

Internal Options

There are also several things that you can do on the inside of your house. One of the things you can do is paint a waterproofing material on the inside of your walls. You apply this product just like paint. It is thicker than paint and is designed to fill up any little cracks and pores in your basement walls. That will keep the water on the outside. You can also use it on the floor under any flooring. 

You need to make sure that water stays out of your foundation. There are several ways that you can do that. Talk to a contractor to see if they can help you choose the right one for you, or for more information about basement waterproofing.