Winter Is Coming: How To Protect Your Parking Lot And Make It A Safer Space

Winter can be particularly devastating to asphalt parking lots, especially if they're not carefully protected. In addition to the routine cleaning and sealing of your parking lot, you also need to conduct the precautionary steps described below. These steps will help protect your parking lot, and make it a safer place this winter. 

Inspect Catch Basin Inlets

When it comes to commercial parking lots, most business owners concentrate their attention on chips and cracks during the winter. Unfortunately, that leaves other vital areas of the parking lot susceptible to considerable damage, especially where snow and ice removal is concerned. Each time snow plows come through a parking lot, they risk causing damage to catch basin inlets. To protect your catch basins, be sure to inspect them for damage at least once a week throughout the winter. At the first sign of damage, contact your paving contractor for repairs. 

Reroute Truck Traffic

Your parking lot may have been designed to withstand the weight of delivery trucks, but that doesn't mean there's not an increased risk of damage during the winter. Freeze/thaw cycles are common during the winter. However, each freeze/thaw cycle causes destabilization to the soil beneath your parking lot. Unfortunately, that means that oversized delivery trucks can cause your parking lots to collapse under the pressure. To avoid winter damage to your parking lot, be sure to reroute truck traffic. 

Increase Visibility of Parking Lot Lines

If your parking lot lines are clearly visible, you and your customers may be at an increased risk for property damage this winter. One way to avoid that risk is to increase the visibility by having your parking lots relined with reflective striping. The reflective properties will ensure that your parking lot lines are more visible during inclement weather, especially heavy rains and snow. Before winter weather arrives in full force, have your parking lot contractor increase the visibility of your current lines. 

Watch for Signs of Asphalt Heave

Winter freeze/thaw cycles can do more than cause problems where delivery trucks are concerned. Freeze/thaw cycles can also increase the risk of heaving. Heaving occurs when joints or intersections in your asphalt rise upwards. This heaving can cause your asphalt to rise several inches, creating an uneven surface. If your parking lot experiences heaving this winter, you need to have the damage repaired as quickly as possible. 

Winter is here, and with it the weather that can cause serious damage to your commercial parking lot. Use the tips provided here to care for your parking lot throughout the winter.

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