2 Times When You Should Call An Emergency Plumber

When you own your own house, there will be times when you will have problems with the plumbing that will require that you contact a plumber. Most problems can be scheduled during regular business hours. However, there are a couple of times when you cannot and should not wait for assistance, as with the situations discussed below.

1.  Pipe Breaks Requiring You to Turn Off the Main Water Valve

Whether you have old pipes or an unexpected cold snap has caused them to freeze, you may find that one has busted. Depending on the location, you may be able to turn off a valve inside of your house that supplies the pipe, such as one found under the kitchen or bathroom sink.

However, if the pipe is located inside of a wall, in the basement, or outside of a minor valve's area, you will have no choice but to turn off the main water valve either located on the side of your house or even at the street. If this is not done, you would face the potential of massive flooding in your house.

If you are required to turn off the main valve, do not wait for a regularly scheduled visit from a plumber. This is considered an emergency because of the danger of flooding, and it will leave your household without water.

2.  Sewage Line Breaks or Stops up Completely

Another time when you should call an emergency plumber instead of waiting until regular business hours is when a sewage line either breaks or becomes completely stopped up. This is especially true if sewage is coming up into your house or is leaking into your yard.

Because sewage has high amounts of bacteria, the germs in the leakage will create an immediate health hazard. As soon as you discover that the sewage line is broken or clogged, do not wait to call. This is an emergency situation that would not only affect the health of the members of your home but could also affect the health of your neighbors, especially if sewage is leaking up through the ground.

If you find yourself in either of the above scenarios, you should not wait to call for help, as the problem will get worse very quickly. Contact an emergency plumbing service, and explain your situation so that they can send someone out as soon as possible to repair the issue.

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