Why You Should Have A Roofer Look At The Roof Of Your New Home

When you buy a new home and move in, you might assume that everything will be in proper working order from the roof of the home down to the basement. While it's true that much of your new residence should be in good shape, you don't necessarily want to assume that everything is fine — only for a problem to appear before long. Many homes have warranties so you won't likely have to worry about expenses coming out of your pocket, but there's little question that certain issues can be a major hindrance. One of the professionals who can help you after you move into a new home is a roofer. He or she can climb up to the roof and thoroughly assess it to ensure that everything looks right — including these things.


A roof that isn't vented properly will lead to moisture retention in the attic, which can be a major problem that you don't want to deal with. Most builders take a conscientious approach to venting, but some will not do the job properly because they're trying to save money and/or get done faster. Your roofing professional can assess the size, style, and position of your roof vents based on the square footage of your roof and give you an indicator of whether this situation is correct.


It doesn't hurt to have a roofer you trust simply assess the roof for signs of poor workmanship. Again, this is an issue that most new homeowners won't encounter, but it never hurts to check. For example, if the shingle job was sloppy, your home could be at risk of water damage in a relatively short amount of time. In some rare cases, the roof may not have enough shingles over the cap, or they may be installed in a less-than-optimal manner.

Expected Lifespan

It's not unusual for a seller to exaggerate the year that he or she had the roof of the house installed. Obviously, a buyer will be keener to place an offer if the roof appears to be on the newer side, but you won't be 100 percent certain of the likely age of the roof until you have an expert assess it. Your roofing contractor will check the shingles and make a professional estimation about how long they've been in place and how many years they likely have left. Even if you're not happy with the answer, knowing upfront will allow you to start budgeting to replace the roof — whether it's in two years from now or a decade from now.

For more information, reach out to a local roofing company