Diagnosing And Repair Of Malfunctioning Automatic Doors

More and more, the doors to business and public building are automated in some way. Some open as you get close, others are set up for handicap access, but in every case, an automatic door that is not working can be harder to open than a standard door.

Door Failure

In almost every case, when an automatic door stops working it, it is not because the door is broken but is a problem with the mechanism that opens the door. The opener on the door has a lot of moving parts and some electronic functions. Failure of either of these systems can cause the door to not operate as it was intended. 

Electronic Failure

Most automatic doors use a sensor to trigger the opening and closing action of the door. As you approach the door, the sensor detects you and sends a signal to the motor in the door opener, telling it to open. And, just like magic, the door swings open as if an invisible doorman had opened for you. If the sensor stops working, the door will not open on its own, and you may need a repairman to take a look at it. 

Mechanical Failure

While it is not as common, the mechanical side of the door opener can also be a point of failure. If the door sensor triggers the opener but there is a problem with the linkage that opens the door, the door may bind up and not move. Typically, this only happens to doors that have been damaged by an impact to the door while it was opening or closing or if something is wrong in the linkage, causing it to bind up and not function properly. 

Calling a Repair Service

A door that is not working needs to be inspected by a repair service. Most door installation companies offer repair for the doors and systems they sell and can work on some they do not. Your best option is to talk to the door company about your door, explain the problem, and see if they can come to take a look for you.

If you can arrange to have the door repairs done in off hours, it can have less impact on the repairman and people still trying to come in and out of the business. If you only have a single entrance, traffic through that entrance can make it tough for the technician to get the work down in a timely manner. The longer the tech is working on the door, the more potential for the bill to go up, and that is the last thing you need. For more information, contact a door repair service such as Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd.