3 Signs You Need To Call A Plumber Right Away

Most people in charge of maintaining commercial properties have a list of things that need to be fixed or repaired. Scheduling some types of repairs for a future date may not have an effect on the performance of your commercial building, but plumbing repairs are among those that should never be delayed.

A small problem within your plumbing system can quickly grow into a catastrophic failure if you don't take quick action to have the problem fixed by a professional. Monitor the plumbing in your space for indications that repairs are needed.

1. Fluctuating Water Pressure

The flow of water coming through fixtures in your commercial building can be used as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the health of the plumbing system as a whole. One of the things that you should be watching for when monitoring water production is the amount of pressure produced by each faucet.

Fluctuations in water pressure could be indicative of problems within your plumbing system. Water pressure changes can be caused by leaks, blockages, or limescale buildup within your pipes. All of these root causes should be addressed by an experienced plumber to prevent more serious plumbing problems down the road.

2. Recurring Backups

No one wants to deal with a plumbing backup. These backups can expose a building's occupants to toxic sewer gases at worst, and be difficult to clean up at best. The occasional backup may not be cause for concern, but you should take note if your plumbing is backing up on a regular basis.

Recurring backups can be caused by clogs within the pipes or limescale buildup that is preventing water from draining properly. Bellying, a condition where shifting soil causes plumbing pipes to warp, can also cause recurring backups. Your plumber will be able to identify the cause your frequent backups and take action to resolve the problem before further damage occurs.

3. Rising Utility Costs

The problems within your plumbing system might not always be apparent when handling plumbing components. Sometimes, you need to take a look at your utility bills to spot a potential plumbing issue.

Sudden increases in your building's utility costs could be an indication that there is a leak within your plumbing system. Many leaks occur within the walls of a building, making it impossible to spot the leak with the naked eye. If there are no other explanations for a sudden spike in monthly water costs, contact your plumber to check for possible leaks.

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