5 Things Not To Put In Your Pipes And Why

Americans have become to big and loud. Our cars are loud. Our people have been called loud. Our garbage disposals are even bog and loud – and we like it that way. The problem lies in the fact that we take our garbage disposals for granted. We just assume that because they have always worked hard to grind everything up that we shove down there that they will always continue to do so.

Unfortunately, that's simply not true. There are many things that people pour down drains and dump into toilets that were not meant to go in anyone's plumbing system. Have you put any of these down the drain?

1. Grease: While it seems like a good idea – you have a garbage disposal after all – grease is not supposed to go down the drain. Like a moving science project on the states of matter, liquid grease will cool as it moves through your pipes, eventually hardening and coming to a stop and clogging your pipes.

2. Dental Floss: Dental floss is just a tiny, little piece of waxed thread. What possible harm could it cause? Just ask a plumber what happens when you flush dental floss. It wraps around anything it finds in your pipes and creates massive clogs that require professional help. 

3. Leftover Medication: Do not dump your unused medications down the drain. Call your pharmacy and ask about disposal methods. Some even have 'Take Back' programs. Municipal water treatment plants are not designed to filter pharmaceuticals out of our water supply. In fact, studies show that pharmaceutical in water supplies are adversely affecting aquatic life. 

4. Cigarette Butts: Cigarette butts should not be flushed down your toilet. Not only are there over 7,000 chemicals in the tobacco that will work their way into our water supply, but the filter is not biodegradable. It will work its way down the line until it finds a clog, maybe from that floss you flushed, and then it will ass to the mess. If you have a septic tank, butts will just float on the top and not sink to the bottom with the rest of the solids, wrecking havoc on your system. 

5. Kitty Litter: If you've ever had a cat, you know that some litter inadvertently gets flushed. There are two types of cat litter, however, and one is much worse to flush. Much, much worse. The clumping-style litter can clump together in your pipes and form a quasi-cement substance that will ruin plumbing lines. 

The bottom line is that you need to have respect for your home's plumbing. We may have heavy duty pipes and extra powerful garbage disposal, but there are certain things that even they can't handle. Contact a drain cleaning service for more help.