The Importance Of Gutters And Installing Them Correctly The First Time

Gutters; what are they good for? You know they collect rain and leaves. The former substance you can understand, but the latter? If your gutters drive you crazy and you are thinking about removing them, do not. They are actually extremely important to how your roof, and your foundation, works to protect your home. Here is more about why your gutters are so important, why it is important to have them installed correctly the first time, and how to deal with your frustration with your gutters in a way that resolves the issue of gutter cleaning completely.

​Roofs Without Gutters

If your roof did not have gutters, the rain would just slide right off the edges of the roof. That sounds okay now, but what you do not realize is that that much rain sliding off a roof heads right for your foundation. Water that heads for your foundation finds its way into your basement, where it makes your basement very wet, sometimes flooding it.

All of that moisture in your basement then creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to develop, and that mold and mildew attaches to anything organic (e.g., wood, paper, cloth, etc.) and begins to grow and spread. When it spreads, everything from the floor boards to the things you store downstairs will be ruined and will have to be replaced. Ultimately, your gutters are preventing thousands of dollars in water damage and restoration costs.

Installing Gutters Correctly

​Installing gutters correctly means that there is no opening between the edge of the roof and the gutters themselves. There is no space for rain or melted snow and ice to slip through and fall directly to the ground below. Small leaks are okay, sheets of water are not. When the gutters are installed properly, almost all of the precipitation that slips off of the roof ends up in the gutters, and then in the downspout that sends all of it away from the foundation of your home.

Dealing with Gutter Frustration

The number one complaint all homeowners have and which all roofing and construction contractors hear is about gutter cleaning. The leaves in the fall and the sediment in the spring is a common complaint. If you are having new or replacement gutters installed, or you just want to end the gutter cleaning routine, ask a roofing contractor to install gutter screens. The screens prevent the collection of leaves and sediment and end the cleaning task.

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