Adult Child Move Back Home And Not Enough Room For Their Car? Tips For Adding To Your Concrete Driveway

If your adult child has moved back home and your driveway is not large enough to handle their car, you can add to the driveway to take care of this problem. Below are some tips you should find helpful so you can get started.

Choosing Where to Add

Before you get started you need to choose where you want to add onto your driveway. You can hire a company to lengthen your driveway if you have the room to do this. If you do not, then the concrete company can add onto the side of the driveway. For example, they could lay enough concrete that is large enough for your child to park their car.

If you have the room this would be a good time to widen your entire driveway if it is in your budget. When finished, you will then not have to worry about your child parking their car on the street where it could be hit or in your yard where the car would cause damage to the lawn.

The concrete contractor can help you decide the best area to add onto your driveway.

Stamping and Staining

If your current driveway is stained or stamped, then you want the new section that you add on to match. If you do not the new addition will stand out and will affect the aesthetics of your home. Fortunately, professionals from a place like The Patio Cover Guy will have no problem doing this. First, the contractor will determine what stamps were used so they can find the same type. If you do not want to stamp the addition you could simply stain it to match the color of the driveway.

If you choose to have the addition stamped, the contractor will first lay the concrete and then put the stamps on it while the concrete is still wet. This is important as if the concrete is dry the stamps would not work. The contractor may need to add water as they go if the concrete does start to dry.

If you choose to have the concrete stained the contractor will add a powdered color to the concrete as it is mixed. They will then pour the concrete and as it dries the color will match well with your current driveway. The concrete contractor will show you a variety of colors, so you can make the choice of what would work best.

Talk with the concrete contractor about this and they can give you more information.