3 Affordable Projects To Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly

Making the bathroom kid-friendly is likely a goal you have when your kids are getting to the age where they'll be using the bathroom on their own without any supervision. Remodeling the bathroom is often something homeowners put off due to the costs involved. Instead of avoiding any remodeling work due to the desire to save money, it's smart to look into what you can do in the bathroom at a good price.

The following projects can all make the bathroom more organized and help prevent the bathroom from being dangerous for your children in any way.

1. Add Traction in the Bathtub

With your child wanting to take baths on their own, it's so important that you make sure they won't slip when getting in and out of the tub. With the floor of the tub often being very slippery, it's essential for you to add some traction so that their feet can grip the tub properly.

Adding traction to the inside of the bathtub can make the bathroom safer for your kid and ensure that slipping won't be as big of a risk.

2. Look for Child-Proofing Products

Along with adding traction to the bathtub, you need to consider some of the other dangers that could be present in the bathroom. Some child-proofing products you'll want to look into is a bump guard for the bathtub faucet or locks for the bottom cabinets that may have cleaning products. Removing the lock from the bathroom door is also a good idea since you don't want your child to lock themselves inside.

Exploring your options for child-proofing the bathroom can help you find great solutions for making your bathroom safer for your child once they start using the bathroom independently.

3. Pick a Theme to Add Some Color

Since you likely want the bathroom to feel personalized for your child, it's a good idea to look into themes that you can incorporate in the bathroom. From an underwater theme with fish or mermaids to a brightly colored bathroom with patterns such as stripes or polka dots, you can use paint and pick up new towels to incorporate a fun theme suitable for young children.

As you begin considering remodeling the bathroom, you'll begin to see how many options you have to make the space feel personalized for your children. The above projects can all be done affordably and provide great results when you want the bathroom to be a safe place for your children to use. For more information, contact your local bathroom remodeling service.