Three Signs You Need Septic Service

Owning a home on its own septic system means you are responsible for the upkeep of this system. Fortunately, this is usually a relatively low-effort task, since septic systems are designed to work well with minimal maintenance. What is needed is an annual inspection and periodic septic pumping and cleaning. The following are three signs that it is time for you to schedule a maintenance visit.

#1: You don't know when the last service call was

In a perfect world, when you buy a new home you are provided with all maintenance documentation. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and you may not know the last time the tank was inspected or cleaned. This information is crucial if you want to ensure you have a maintenance plan in place to avoid future problems. If there are only a few septic services in your area, you may be able to call and find out who serviced the tank last and when they did it. Otherwise, you need to schedule an immediate inspection. An inspection will let you know the current state of the tank so you and the service can work out the best maintenance plan.

#2: You are having issues with the drains in your house

Your tank should never back up into your home. If you have drains moving slowly, particularly multiple drains from different parts of the home, the culprit may be the septic tank as opposed to the drain itself. This is particularly true if the backed-up water has the smell of raw sewage or if backups are occurring even when the drain isn't in use. Not all backups are liquid, either. If you are getting a whiff of sewage or rotten eggs from your sinks or toilets, then you may have a backup in the main sewage line between your home and the septic system.

#3: You discover standing water on the drain field

The drainfield is the final processing location of your septic system. It uses basic soil science to process out the last of sewer bacteria. This means a drainfield must be porous, well drained, and covered in shallow-rooted plants, like grasses, to process properly. If you have standing water in the drainfield, then this process isn't working properly for some reason. That standing water is sewage that hasn't been fully processed. Problems can range from actual damage to the drainfield to a tank that is too full and overflowing.

Having the septic system looked at right away if you notice any of the above can help you avoid a messier problem later. Contact a company like Ace Sanitation Service for more information.