Myths About Water Wells

When your home is located far from the water grid, you may find that having a well drilled is the only practical way of ensuring that the house has a stable supply of water without having to rely on delivery services. When you are considering having a well drilled, it is important to be mindful of some misinformation that you may believe about this type of project.

Myth: You Can Drill For Water Anywhere

There is a common assumption that a water well can be drilled anywhere. However, this is not the case as it depends on there being an underground water source that it can tap into. Sadly, it can be impossible to know whether there is a suitable water source under your property until the drilling process has started. However, an experienced and professional well-drilling contractor will be able to review the local well permit histories to determine the most likely location and depth to start drilling.

Myth: There Are No Limits On The Way You Can Use Water From A Well

A common idea among some homeowners is that they will have n limits on the way that they can use the water from their well. Yet, this could lead to situations where the underground water source is depleted for the entire community. As a result, there are usually extremely strict regulations in place that will cover the amount of water that can be extracted based on the type of permit that you acquire. If you plan on using this water for gardening, filling a swimming pool or other water-intensive tasks, you may need to obtain a high-capacity permit to avoid violating these regulations. When it is discovered that a person is violating the usage restrictions for their well, they may have their permit for the well revoked and face steep fines.

Myth: Water Wells Are Maintenance Free

Individuals will often think that the only work needed for a water well will come during the initial drilling process. Yet, a well will also require ongoing care if it is to be kept in good condition. This will include servicing the primary pump, regularly testing the water quality and monitoring for signs of the well shaft collapsing. If you are not comfortable with the idea of doing these tasks yourself, there are full-service well contractors that will offer their clients this type of ongoing maintenance. As a result, you can use these services to enjoy the benefits of having a private well while minimizing the work that you must personally do to maintain it.

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