Teaching And Ensuring Fire Safety At Your Business

Fire is a great tool for heating your home and is used many different ways as a benefit to us all but fire can also be devastating if it is out of control. Fire safety on your job site is important but it should not fall to one person. Everyone should be trained to use fire extinguishers and how to prevent fires from starting in the first place. If you do not have adequate extinguishers on the job site, it is important to add more. There is no substitute for safety and fire safety ranks right near the top of the list in almost every industry.

Providing Working Fire Extinguishers

You do not have to run out and buy a bunch of fire extinguishers for your business or job site. There are companies that provide them and service them regularly so you don't have worry about them being in date and working. If you have to use one, the company will come out and replace the one you used with a new one and take that old used one back to be cleaned, inspected, and refilled so it can be used again  Setting up a program like this keeps your equipment up to date and your employees safe as well.

Training Your Employees To Use Fire Extinguished Properly

You can have all the fire extinguishers you want in your building, vehicles, and on your property but the fact is, if no one knows how to use them, you might as well take them off the wall and use them as a paperweight. People might take them down to use them but they will not be effective unless they are used properly. You can have a class to teach them how to use the extinguishers and build people's level of confidence with them. Contact your local fire department about training classes as many offer them. If they don't in your area, they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Keep Extinguisher Accessible

Investing in training and extinguishers is great but people need to be able to get to them. When you are deciding where to put your extinguishers, pick areas that are easy to access. The area cannot be stacked full of storage or boxes and should be clearly marked with a sign and red paint above, below, and around the extinguisher, so it can be easily located from across the room. People will use them if they need to in an emergency but only if they can find and get to them easily.

Contact a company like Amerisafe for more information and assistance.