How To Plan A Work Party To Clear The Land For Your New Barn

Are you lucky enough to live in the country? Perhaps you have left a busy life behind and you have decided to try your hand at working from your own home in a country setting. Or, maybe you are even going to try ranching or farming. For whatever reason, f you have decided to build a barn on your property, from arranging for heavy machinery transportation to organizing a work party, here are some ideas that might help you to clear the land for your new barn:

Arrange For Machinery Transportation - Do you own your own tractor, or are you planning to rent one? If you are serious about living in the country for many years, think about buying your own, as you'll probably use it many times. You'll for sure need at least one to clear the land for your new barn.

  • When you call the company that will transport the tractor or tractors that you will be using, be very specific about when you want the tractor to be delivered. That's especially true if you're renting the tractor, as you will more than likely be charged by the day and you don't want wasted time.
  • You'll also need a cement mixer to prepare the flooring of your barn. Again, if you intend to work on lots of building projects, you may want to buy your own cement mixer. Arrange for the transportation of the mixer at the same time that you arrange for the tractor delivery.

Plan Your Work Days - After you have confirmed the dates that your machinery can be transported to your land, you'll be ready to get to work.

  • Think about having your children and their friends clear the land of things like big rocks, heavy branches and other debris that needs to be cleared. Have a central place where the things they gather can be placed.
  • Have adults drive the tractor and do the heavy work of mixing and spreading the cement. Once your land is cleared and the foundation is set you'll be ready for another work party to help you actually build your barn.

Be sure to write down the names of everybody who helped you and be ready to thank them with something special like an invitation to a barn party once it is finished. In the meantime, thank them with homemade bread or cookies and the promise that you are available to help them when they have a big project to complete.

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