Maintain The Business Air Conditioning

If you are running a business in a commercial building you may not think about it often, but the air conditioning plays a vital role in your businesses success. It is very hard to work on a hot summer day when the office is burning up. If you are the one calling the shots, you need to be sure the building's air conditioning is taken care of properly. While there are many different things that you can do to ensure that your air conditioning continues to function, here are a few of the most important.

Air Ducts

The air ducts are one of the most overlooked aspects of an air conditioning system, but they play an integral role in air conditioning. Often air ducts can become blocked with mold and dust. Mold and dust blocking the air ducts cause two major problems. The first is that it forces the air conditioning system to work much harder than it should have to. When the system is stressed because of air ducts being blocked, your air conditioning system is much more likely to fail. The second reason that dust and mold are so bad to have in your air ducts is because they are allergens and could hurt your employees. So, be sure that you have your air ducts cleaned at least once a year to ensure that they are spotless. 

Air Compressors

Unlike a home, a commercial building is going ot have multiple air compressors integrated into the air conditioning system. These compressors play a vital role in the air conditioning system. These need to be cleaned out at least twice a year, and they need to be maintained. Do not neglect the air compressors in your air conditioning system. These are usually on the roof of your building, and if you want, you can clean them yourself. You also should ensure that the compressors are completely flat to allow the coolant to flow through the coils properly. If you do not want to take care of the maintenance yourself, make sure that the technician looks at your compressors.

Monthly Maintenance

With homes, a yearly maintenance program is usually enough to keep the air conditioning working properly. However, with a commercial air conditioning system you should have it looked at once a month. This is going to keep any small problems from building into the big expensive problems that can put your air conditioning system out for an extended period of time. 

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