Money Flying Out The Window? 3 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Waste

There is nothing more frustrating than opening up your utility bill and realizing that you have unwittingly blown your budget. Unfortunately, it is often the smallest mistakes that add up to major energy waste. As you prepare to shore up your energy usage, give these four ideas consideration for increasing your financial savings through eco-friendly practices.

Give Your Windows a Feel

Your HVAC unit might be running a mile a minute to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. However, it does no good if all of that cold and warm air escapes. Drafty windows are like the hidden little gremlins of energy wasting since most people rarely give it a second thought. Go to your windows now and feel around the edges. Do you feel a draft of air? If so, that's a sign that sealing your windows could reduce the load on your unit. Now, touch the glass. If it feels extremely warm, your windows could be making it harder for your AC to cool your home.

New window installation is an option that can increase your home's energy-efficiency by reducing the temperature transfer at this crucial spot of your home.

Listen to Your Plumbing

When you hear a sound, you tend to learn how to block it out. This means that your water may be running when you don't even notice it. Walk around your house to listen to your toilet and sinks. Do you hear hissing or dripping noises? Now, give all of your fixtures a good look. A toilet can sometimes run very quietly long after a flush, but you should see the water slightly moving. Alternatively, that slow dripping faucet could still add up to substantial water costs. Repair your plumbing, and consider switching to low-flow toilets if you haven't already.

Check Your Appliances

Keeping your television and computer plugged in when they are not in use may seem convenient, but many appliances continue to use electricity even when you think that they are shut off. Charging your appliances is a huge culprit for energy waste because a full battery does not necessarily stop it from drawing electricity. Use automatic shut offs for your chargers, and consider unplugging appliances when they are not in use so that you can stop using invisible electricity that still manages to appear on your bill.

Learning to reduce your energy waste is a great way to show your desire to promote a better environment for all. However, saving money is a powerful motivator for finally getting around to reducing your waste. By checking these three things, you will be on your way to smiling happily as you pay your next utility bill.