Is The Water Pressure Low In Your Entire Home? 2 Possible Reasons Why

If the water pressure in your home is low this can make it difficult for you to take a shower, wash dishes, and more. If you are having this problem, it could be due to many different things. Below are two different things that could be causing this to help you get started in taking care of this problem.

Water Well Pump

If you have a water well at your home, the pump may be having a problem which could cause you to have low water pressure. The first thing to check is the water pump or well breaker in the breaker box to make sure it is turned on. If so, you need to check the pressure on the well tank. You can do this by using a pressure gauge, which can be purchased at a home improvement store.

The pressure gauge should read 30 per square inch (PSI) at least. If it is below this number, the filter may need to be changed or the filter could be blocked. The pressure gauge itself may be broken. In some cases, well pump may need to be replaced or the wire that goes to the pump is loose or broken. The pipes coming from the well pump may be blocked or damaged.

It can be difficult to determine the problem with a water well pump so you should contact a well pump professional to check it for you. They can determine what the problem is and repair it for you.

Water Pressure Valve Closed

Find the water meter for your home, which may be close to the street. Next to the water meter you will see a shutoff valve. There may only be one valve or you could possibly have two. No matter how many you have, you need to make sure the valves are completely open.

To determine this, turn the valve counterclockwise to see if it will turn at all. If it does turn, then the valve was closed. Continue turning it counterclockwise until you cannot turn it any more to open the valve. Go into your home and turn on a few water faucets and let the water run for a few minutes. The water pressure show now be back to normal.

If you still have low water pressure in your home, you should contact a plumber to come to your home and repair the problem for you. You can also visit websites like