Leaf Piles Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Fall is a fabulous time to eat your fill of pumpkin products, bring out your favorite sweaters, and sip apple cider. Another autumn favorite for kids of all ages is jumping into a pile of raked leaves. Unfortunately, as with many childhood favorites, indulging in this activity can lead to problems. In fact, you may want to ban this practice at your home.


The purpose of raking leaves is to improve the appearance of your yard in the fall and in the spring when the snows melt. However, leaf piles have long been looked at as entertainment for children of all ages and their pets. Who hasn't jumped and romped into these piles at some point in their lives? Leaf piles, then, have fulfilled several purposes throughout the years.

Health Dangers

What seems like standard operating practice has some dangers. If you let a leaf pile sit for any time at all, it becomes a goldmine of mold spores. If you or a family member has a mold allergy or a chronic respiratory condition and is exposed to a leaf pile, you may end up with breathing issues. Also, when you come inside after this exposure, you shed mold in the house, which just makes the situation worse.

You may be surprised to learn that your pets can also be allergic to mold, so letting them frolic in these piles can hurt them as well. What looks like harmless fun can make your entire household ill.


Mulching your leaves is probably a better answer than raking and bagging them. Your lawn mowing service can accomplish this task with a mulching mower or even a standard mower. Doing nothing to your leaves as they fall can be problematic because that practice aids in the production of mold as well. Mulching reduces the bulk of the leaves and helps release helpful carbon into your sod. Your lawn will look better and less mold will be produced. Although mulching doesn't allow for jumping fun, it is healthier for your family.

Although you hate to be a fall killjoy, you should reconsider raking your leaves. Jumping in these piles may be a fall tradition, but it's not a particularly healthy one. Leaf piles are a prime hiding place for mold spores that can cause serious respiratory issues for you and your pets. Considering having your leaves mulched instead. If you want to recreate leaf-pile fun without the dangers, buy some cheap foam blocks and let the entertainment begin. If you would rather hire a lawn care service to take care of your leaves for you, check out the site.