Repair Small Holes In A Wooden Garage Door And Apply Stain And Sealer To The Entire Door

If flooding occurred on your property and an untreated wooden garage door has a few small holes in its surface as a result, clean the wooden surface and fill the holes by completing the steps below. Once you have made the repair, add a coat of stain and sealer to the door to give the wooden surface an updated appearance and to protect the wood from further damage.

Supplies Needed

  • wood cleaner
  • natural-bristled scrub brush
  • water hose
  • emery cloth
  • tack cloth
  • pieces of lightweight plastic
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • tube of wood putty 
  • caulk gun
  • plastic putty knife
  • vinyl drop cloths
  • can of wood stain (for exteriors)
  • wooden stick
  • shallow paint pan
  • paint roller and frame
  • narrow paintbrush
  • soft cloth
  • can of wood sealer (for exteriors)

Clean, Sand, And Prepare The Wooden Exterior

Close and lock the garage door. Use standard wood cleaner and a scrub brush with natural bristles to clean the door's exterior. Remove the cleaning agent from the wood with a water hose. Once the wood has dried, inspect the damaged portion of the wood. Lightly sand rough sections with an emery cloth. After the wood feels smooth, wipe away any dust from the wooden surface with a tack cloth.

Go inside the garage and secure a piece of lightweight plastic directly behind each hole with pieces of duct tape. The plastic will provide support so that the wood putty that is used to repair the holes will not be administered into portions of the garage and will remain in each hole, instead.

Fill The Holes And Apply A Coat Of Stain And Sealer 

Use a tube of wood putty that has been installed inside of a caulk gun to fill each hole in the door's exterior. Fill the holes until the putty is flush with the rest of the door's surface. Level out uneven areas on the door's surface with a plastic putty knife. Wait for the putty to harden. Lay vinyl drop cloths in front of the door. Apply thoroughly mixed wood stain to the entire door's surface with a paint roller. Move the roller across the wood from the top of the door to the bottom.

If you are unable to cover the wood completely with the roller, cover small areas on the door's exterior with a narrow paintbrush or cloth that has been dipped into the stain. After the stain has dried, apply a coat of sealer over it with the same tools. Do not open the garage door or remove the plastic pieces that were secured to the back of the door until the sealer has dried.

If you feel you cannot do this on your own, contact professional garage door repair companies, like Callahan Door and Window