3 Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy By Pruning

Keeping your landscaping in good condition can take a lot of work. If you have trees in your yard, pruning is part of this maintenance. It can ensure your trees are healthy and that your property is safe. In addition to healthy trees, pruning can also be used to create interesting features in your landscaping design. Here are some tips to help create interesting shapes with the pruning of your trees:

1. Topping A Tree To Keep Low Growth And Create Wide Shaded Areas

Topping a tree is the process of cutting the top of a tree to prevent it from growing too tall. This is something that is sometimes done to older trees to treat problems, but it can also be done for other reasons. With younger trees, keeping the top pruned can prevent the tree from growing too tall and allow it to grow out wider. If you want a tree to provide your lawn with shade, keeping it lower can allow for branches to grow outwards and give you a wider canopy for cool shady areas.

2. Tree Species That Can Be Pruned And Trunks Braided To Create Shapes

There are also many tree species that can be sculpted. Hardy trees like figs and fruit trees can even have the trunks of the tree braided. It is a good way to create interesting shapes in your garden. Since many of these trees grow like shrubs, they can be a good choice if you want to create something like a green fence. Willow species are another type of tree that you may want to consider for some of these creations, which can easily be propagated using the clippings from pruning.  

3. Keeping Fruit Trees Pruned Low And Narrow For Better Harvests And Neat Appearance

Fruit trees can be a great addition to your landscaping, which are not only attractive, but can also provide you with a harvest. Caring for them includes pruning them, which can be done to give them an attractive shape, as well as to improve harvesting and make collecting fruit easier. You want to keep the trees with fruit lower and prune back over grown branches to prevent them from breaking.

These are some tips to help you with shaping trees when you do pruning this year. If you need help with shaping and pruning your trees to ensure they are a valuable addition to your landscaping, contact a tree service like Kansas City Tree Care, LLC to help with some of the major work that you need done.