3 Dont's For Taking Care Of Your Natural Stone Countertops

If you have natural stone countertops (from an outlet such as Southwest Brick & Fireplace) in your home, it is important to take good care of them if you want them to last. Just remember these three "dont's" if you want to keep your natural stone countertops looking great for years to come while making clean-up as easy as possible for yourself. 

1. Don't Allow Spills to Sit for Long

Some chores can be put off, but others can't. One thing that you shouldn't put off is cleaning your countertops when spills happen. If you allow food to sit on your kitchen countertops or makeup or other products to sit on your bathroom countertops, you have to worry about permanent staining. Blot up spills as quickly as possible after they happen, and be mindful about things like leaving dirty dishes on the counter, since this can result in spills that you might not notice until later.

2. Don't Use Abrasive Cleaners or Cleaning Pads

It might seem like a good idea to break out your favorite scouring cleanser or to to use a scouring pad to clean your counters. After all, the abrasiveness will help get rid of spills and stains, right? Actually, abrasive cleaners and cleaning pads can scratch granite or other natural stone permanently. Instead, use a cleansing agent that is safe to use on natural stone -- preferably, something that is designed for use on countertops -- and allow the cleaning agent to do its job.  

3. Don't Skip the Stone Polish

It might seem as if all of the natural stone cleaners and polishes on the market are just a big waste of money, but this is not the case at all. Although you certainly do not have to use a stone polish on a daily basis, it can be worth your while to invest in one. Using it periodically can help provide a protective surface on the top of your natural stone countertop, which can help protect it from damage. It's also good for making your countertop really shine.

Taking care of natural stone countertops is not difficult, but if you want to avoid damaging your countertop and want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible, it is important to learn how to do so. Luckily, remembering these three things and avoiding them will help you keep your natural stone countertops looking great, whether in your kitchen, your bathroom or elsewhere in your home.