4 Types Of Materials Your Business Should Be Recycling

If you aren't recycling in your office, now is the time to start. All types of businesses will have materials that need to be recycled, whether that is beverage containers your employees bring in, or old computers that no longer work. Here are some types of materials to make sure you recycle.

Glass and Plastic

First of all, make sure you have containers that allow you to recycle all glass and plastic items. Many of the beverages you and your employees will bring in will be in glass or plastic bottles. While there are different types of plastic, all plastic items can be placed in the same recycling container, then sorted at the recycling center. This includes colored plastic, plastic bottles and milk jugs, and even items made of hard plastic. With glass, you can recycle everything from glass soda bottles to empty pickle and condiment jars.


Another type of item you might have in your office that should be recycled is aluminum. Consider how many aluminum cans end up in your office trash can. All of these can be emptied first, given a quick rinse, then placed in a recycling container. While it takes up less space if they are flattened, this isn't necessary before bringing them to a recycling center. Placing labeled recycling containers right next to the trash cans in the workplace helps encourage people to put them in the right place.


You probably know that you should be recycling all paper that would have otherwise be thrown in the trash, but what about cardboard? You likely have quite a bit of cardboard in your office, such as with cardboard boxes from supplies you ordered or corrugated cardboard from other types of packing boxes. Most types of cardboard can be recycled, so it is a good idea to have another container where you can put it all. Also consider thinner cardboard used with some dry food containers.


If you have older electronics that no longer work, do not throw them in the dumpster! It is very important that they are recycled and disposed properly. This includes items like computers, printers, photocopy machines, photo scanners, and other electronic equipment. You can call local recycling centers to ask about drop-off or pick-up services, or contact electronics stores to see if they will collect them.

You can simplify the process by having all of your recyclables picked up routinely instead of having to drop them off yourself. Visit a recycling center like Sunwest Metals Inc for more information.