You Can Resurface Your Driveway Instead Of Replacing It

When your concrete driveway starts to break down and look old, you may think that the only thing you can do with it is to have someone come and tear it out to replace it. However, before you do that, you should explore all your options. One option you have is to resurface your concrete driveway. 

Resurfacing Process

If you are going to resurface your driveway, there is a whole process that you need to go through. You want to make sure that you do everything in order because that will make sure that your endeavours pay off. 

  • Clean the surface: Before you start, you want to make sure that you have a nice clean surface to work on. The first part of cleaning off your driveway is to get a large push broom to sweep it off. Then you need to get a power washer. You can add some dish soap if you wish so that all the oil and grease gets cleaned out of the concrete, just make sure that you rinse it off well. Then get your push broom out again, and brush off all the standing water. 
  • Apply the resurfacing material: The resurfacing material is generally a mix of portland cement and a polymer. The cement gives your driveway the new surface and the polymer makes sure that it adheres to the old surface and fills up any little cracks. You will want to make sure that you have a cement squeegee to push thick material around so that it spreads evenly. You may want to work in sections of your driveway since the material tends to dry quickly. How big the sections you choose to work with depends on how big your driveway is. If your driveway has seams separating the driveway into sections, that would be a good way to divide it up. 

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

One of the benefits of resurfacing your concrete driveway is that you will get a few more years out of it. If the expense of replacing your driveway isn't in your budget, resurfacing will give you some time to wait until your budget eases up. Another benefit of resurfacing your driveway this way is the fact that you can choose colored resurfacing material which will let you change the color of your driveway.

For more tips about driveway maintenance and resurfacing, talk with a local contractor like D & R Masonry Restoration, Inc..