Want To Build A Vacation Home? Consider A Modular Home

If you are planning to build a vacation home, consider hiring a company to build you a modular home. This not only saves you money, but you may be surprised at the many options you have. You will end up with a beautiful home that you and your family can be comfortable in. Below is some information about modular homes so you can decide if this is a good choice for you and your family.

Modular Home

The modular home is built on a frame in a factory like setting. The builder will build the home so that it meets the code's specific requirements The company then transports the modular home to your building site, and removes it from the frame before placing it on the foundation. You will also hear these homes referred to as prefabricated, factory-built, or system-built.  The modular home is placed on a permanent foundation so it is not movable, such as with a manufactured home. You can place the home over a basement, if you prefer.


You have many customization options when it comes to your modular home, and you can make it exactly the way you want. For example, most standard modular home options come with a standard bathroom, but you can upgrade to a luxury bathroom with a jetted tub, walk in shower with glass doors, a bench in the shower, dual shower heads, double-sinks, glass tile accents, and more. The ideas are about endless at how you can design your luxury bathroom.

You can also design a gourmet kitchen with hardwood cabinets with built-in features like stainless steel or black appliances and ovens. You can also have hardwood floors, ceramic glass cook tops, high quality countertops, and much more.

Add a gas or wood burning fireplace in your home, bay windows, and skylights. Add a large porch to sit and relax on.

You can also choose one or two story, and different roofing options, such as an asphalt or metal roof of different colors.  Choose the amount of windows you want in your new home. The manufacturer will have catalogs with the different design options you have.

Eco-Friendly and Saves Money

A modular home is also Eco-friendly as it is built much quicker than a standard home. Because it can be built faster, it is also less expensive to make. You can save even more money because these homes are built to be very energy efficient, such as with energy efficient doors and windows.

Talk to different builders (like System Built Homes, Inc) in your area before you decide who to hire to build your new vacation modular home.