4 Issues That Flood Damage Can Bring Into Your House

Flood damage is one of the most common causes of having to hire a water damage repair professional. The problems that water damage can unleash onto your house are almost innumerable. However, throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of the most common problems.


Even after you believe you have adequately dried out your house after flood damage, if there is a persistent dampness that has set into your furniture, carpet, and even walls, then the conditions for mold to grow are ripe. Mold is a fungus that thrives in damp, moisture-laden environments, and can cause a number of health issues for you and your family. Respiratory issues – as serious as pneumonia – and general sickness are just two of the problems that mold can unleash on your household.


Moisture can also be the impetus for the growth of bacteria, which can also unleash a number of health issues on those who live in your household. If not properly cleaned and dried, colonies of bacteria can grow on clothes, floorboard, carpets, and walls. Bacteria can be the cause of any number of sickness, and is associated with general unhealthiness and uncleanliness.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are tiny insects that live in moist, damp environments. They earned their name by being tiny – roughly the size of a speck of dust – and the fact that they live in environments that lend themselves to uncleanliness. Dust mites tend to make themselves at home in lighter environments after flood damage has taken place, such as window sills. Although dust mites are not known for carrying sickness or bacteria, they do act as allergens. People that are allergic to dust mites will most likely suffer from a stuffy nose, sneezing, irritation of the eyes, and respiratory issues.


After a flood, water damage can create conditions that are both unclean and moist. The former is an environment that draws in rodents and the latter is a condition that will attract insect pests, like cockroaches. Their waste material can be quite harmful to your well being. It can can trigger allergy related issues like asthma and easily spread bacteria. 

If you have experienced a flood, it is probably in your best interest to call on the services of someone who can repair the water damage to which your home has been subject. Contact a business, such as Complete Restoration Services for more information.