What Causes A Cracked Foundation?

If you're coping with a cracked foundation, you might be wondering what caused the mess. Here are some of the common causes for a cracked foundation, and what you should do about them. 

Soil Moisture Around the Home

One cause of foundational cracks is moisture that collects near the foundation. If the soil near your foundation is very rich and moist, it can begin to well up and put pressure on the foundation. When you're getting your foundation repaired, there are a number of other fixes for this moisture problem. Consider having some landscaping done to slope the soil down away from your home; this way, when it rains, water will flow away from your home and not into the soil under your foundation. 

Flooding or Rainwater Pools

To your foundation, a pool of rainwater can mean much the same thing as a flood. If there are pools of water sitting against your home, this extra moisture can wreak havoc on your foundation. Consider setting up a better rainwater system to divert rain away from your foundation. For instance, storm covers around your basement windows will prevent water from pooling in these crevasses. It may also be a simple matter of setting up a gutter cleaning schedule and  making sure that the gutters deliver your water at least a few feet from your home. 


If you live in an earthquake-prone area, beware; even small tremors can cause tears and worsen existing ones. A cracked foundation during a natural disaster may be a clue that your foundation isn't strong enough to begin with; talk with your contractor about strengthening the foundation to match the weather conditions in your area. It's crucial to get the existing cracks repaired before the next seismic event since another tremor could cause major structural damage with the help of an existing crack. 

The fact is that there are many causes for a cracked foundation. It can be impossible to prevent them all, but what you can do is tend to small cracks immediately. A crack can put uneven pressure on the rest of the foundation and lead to other problems, and erosion can cause the crack to grow bigger on its own. A spot repair on these cracks can save you a lot of money on overhauling your foundation completely. Have a contractor assess your foundation to locate cracks and place a sealant on them to keep your home's structural integrity strong. For more information or help, consider contacting the professionals at A-Pro Seal.