Three Tips For Building An Affordable Storage Building Or Detached Garage For Your Home

If you want to have extra storage space for your home, a garage or a barn can be a great addition. It can also be a costly project to take on, but there are ways that you can make your project more affordable, such as using a pole barn design and trusses to build your detached structure. Here are some tips to help you build an affordable building for your home:

1. Choosing A Design That Costs Less To Build

When building an exterior structure, there are several styles of buildings to choose from. These can be conventional structures with concrete foundations and footings, which will increase property taxes in some cases. Other options can be building without permanent footings or using a pole barn building design. These will save you when it comes to meeting local codes and paying property taxes.

2. Using A Gravel Floor In Areas Where Concrete Is Not Needed

If you need a structure to store things like tools and equipment, you may not need to have a concrete floor for your entire building. Gravel can be an affordable alternative for floors in these areas of your building. It will cost less to use gravel, as well as give you the benefit of better drainage than if you just used dirt floors. Gravel will also give you the option to add concrete later if you want to make changes to your structure, such as adding finished space

3. Using Truss Systems For Floors And The Roof Of Your Structure

There are also ways to reduce costs when framing the structure of your building. This can be done by using trusses for the roof. The trusses will help to save time when you do the roof too. If you are going to have an area with floor space, trusses can also be used for floor systems, which can allow you to have longer spans and save time building your structure. There are design build services, which can help you with the design and installation of these systems.

These are some tips to help you with the addition of a new structure for your home.  If you need help with your project, contact a design building service, such as Ford Construction Company to get help creating an affordable design for your detached structure. They will be able to help you with the complete process of errecting a new building, as well as help you stay on budget.