Diagnosing Moisture Problems Under The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink has several different points that can see some kind of compromise and most homeowners are rarely surprised when water shows up here when they open their cabinets.  When you spot unwelcome signs of a leak under your sink, it is important that you can track down the source before something gets out of hand and you have to call an emergency plumber for help.  

Problem: You find water after doing the dishes or having a sink full of water. 

Cause and Solution: If the water problem you are experiencing shows up after doing dishes, you may think the drainage line is leaking. However, the rubber seal that connects the drainage line to the sink is a highly likely suspect. These rubber seals tend to deteriorate and break down over time, which allows water in a full sink to slip right through. Check beneath the sink with a light when it is full to look for signs of leakage. If you see water spilling out around the drainage pipe, you will need to have a plumber like Plumb Pros Plumbing Heating & Drains replace this rubber seal. 

Problem: You find puddles of water, but you never see the pipes leak. 

Cause and Solution: The mysterious water puddles you keep finding under your sink may seem to appear from nowhere, but rest assured there is a logical explanation to be found. In most cases, the water will be the result of a slow drip that is coming from your drainage lines. The curves and elbows of these lines often means that the water will not be dripping straight down so it would be easy to spot. To find these slow leaks, wrap a dry paper towel around the pipes and secure with a rubber band. If you do have a leak, the moisture will show up pretty quickly. 

Problem: You find water under the sink every time you use your sprayer. 

Cause and Solution: If you have a sink that has a separate handheld spray nozzle that you pull out with a hose, it is not at all uncommon for these to be the source of a leak. The hose taps into the main water line that leads to the faucet, and if this connection comes loose or is damaged, every time you use the sprayer you will find water. Grab a flashlight and another person and have them use the sprayer while you shine the light at the point where the rubber hose taps into the main line to look for leaks. If you spot water, you will have to have the hose replaced. 

Even though water under your sink may not be a big deal in small amounts, even slight leaks can turn into huge problems within a matter of minutes. Make sure you take the time to properly track down the source of any unwanted water you find in your home, under your sink or otherwise, to avoid ever having to deal with an emergency plumbing situation.