How To Manage Pests In Your Commercial Property

Mice, insects, spiders—pests inside a commercial building are no less troublesome than those inside a residence. Pests can drive out tenants, cause damage to electrical systems, and result in health concerns. This guide can help you understand what attracts the pests and how you should address them as the building owner.

The Main Attractants for Pests

Just like in a home, food and shelter is what brings pests into your office building. Messy break rooms, food hidden away in store closets or desks, and poor housekeeping can all lead to a major pest problem. Combine this with open office windows or other easy access points, and there is nothing to keep every insect and rodent in the neighborhood from taking up residence in your building.

Manage Food Sources

As building owner, you can set up a few rules. If your building houses many small businesses with only an office or two, consider setting up a central break room for all tenants to use. Don't allow food storage in individual offices. Instead, provide each tenant with a locking dry storage cupboard in the central break room. Also provide a refrigerator, coffee maker, and microwave.

Having all food preparation and storage in one area means you can control it better. Your building maintenance crew can clean up crumbs, wipe down tables, and dispose of food-related trash each evening.

Provide Cleaning Services

Work nightly office cleaning into your rental fees so it doesn't come out of your pocket. Your crew can then enter offices to remove trash and vacuum floors. Doing so will help prevent wayward crumbs that may attract pests. Also, since some pests are more active at night, like rodents, your cleaning crew can spot a problem early so you can treat it before it escalates.

Work With a Pest Control Company

Contracting with a local pest control company doesn't necessarily mean monthly or seasonal pesticide applications are necessary. Many companies also provide integrated pest management services. This means they will inspect your building for any holes or gaps where pests can get in, and then they will seal these entrances. The company can also survey your entire building and advise you of anything that may attract pests.

If spraying is necessary, schedule it on a Friday evening. This way most of the pesticide fumes will have dissipated by the time your tenants return to work on Monday. Make sure your tenants also have advance notice that you will be spraying.