3 Ways to Make Bathing Easier for Seniors

If you have a hard time moving around or are unsure of your balance, bathing might be difficult for you. The floor is wet and you often have to step over a high partition in order to get to a location where you are able to be exposed to water. This can create a dangerous situation. Here are three installations that are available in order to make bathing easier for seniors.

1. Install Curved Bars

Curved bars start at one location in the wall and then curve smoothly downwards, so that they form a straight piece parallel with the wall to which they are attached. After this straight part, there is another curve where it goes back into the wall. These bars are critical because they ensure that seniors have something safe they can grab in order to maintain their balance, as well as a way for them to easily lower themselves into the tub and rise back out of it. These bars should be installed so that they are close to the outer edge of the tub so that a senior can rely on them while in the tub and while out of the tub. These bars are also able to help seniors pull themselves into a standing position from sitting on the toilet.

This type of bar should be installed by a professional in order to make sure that it is strongly mounted to the wall.

2. Textured Mats

Another important part of bathroom safety is making sure that a senior is not able to become unbalanced by the slippery, wet floor inside or outside the tub. One way to reduce the chances that a senior will fall is to install textured mats that naturally wick away moisture. A senior will be able to use his or her toes to grip the textured surface of the map and maintain his or her balance while taking a bath or shower. These mats can be purchased at a hardware or bath store, but should be bonded to the floor or the bottom of the tub with strong, waterproof adhesive.

3. Stool

Finally, having a stool that is mounted to the shower will give a senior a place to sit if he or she should become fatigued. It will also reduce the amount of time that the senior is standing, therefore reducing the chances that the senior will slip and fall.

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