2 Reasons To Consider A Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Buying and installing a new air conditioner is a great idea, but it can be a bit confusing when trying to determine which kind you need. Your two basic options will be a window-mounted unit or a central air system. Easy installation and energy-efficiency are both great reasons to consider a window-mounted unit.


One of the biggest issues that people experience with many central air systems is that they are not very efficient. The reason for this is that the air conditioner is typically going to cool every room in your house. This will result in you using energy and increasing your monthly cooling costs because you are cooling empty rooms as well as occupied rooms.

In addition, a central air system is going to suffer from duct loss. Duct loss occurs when your duct system is improperly sealed or damaged, which results in a portion of your cool air being lost before it exits the vents.

However, a window-mounted unit doesn't really suffer from these issues. This type of unit is going to be mounted directly in the room with you, so there is no duct loss to speak of.

In addition, window-mounted units are only designed to cool a single room at a time, which makes it very easy to turn the unit off as you leave a room and turn on another one in the next room. This allows you to avoid wasting energy and money cooling rooms that you are not actively using.

Easy Installation

Another reason to consider installing a window-mounted unit is because it is going to be easy to install. A window-mounted unit can typically be installed in about an hour. In most cases, the installation process consists of placing the unit on a window sill, lowering the window into a groove on top of the unit, and sealing off the window to keep pests out. 

With a central air system, the installation process is going to be quite a bit more time-consuming. In general, a home with an existing duct system will require 2-3 days to install central air. In addition, that extra labor is going to drive the cost of a central air unit higher.

Speak to an HVAC contractor today in order to discuss your cooling options. A window-mounted unit is ideal if you want something that is quick and easy to install yourself. Also, window-mounted units allow you to more easily control how much of your home is being cooled at a time, thus improving your home's energy-efficiency and saving you money. To find out more, contact a business like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating (West Pasco).