Ensuring A Long Life For Your Oriental Area Rug

Oriental area rugs add a gorgeous flair to your home that you simply can't get any other way. However, these antique rugs need to be taken care of very carefully to ensure a long lifespan. Follow these care tips to keep your oriental area rugs as good as new for years to come.

Cleaning Your Rug

Oriental area rugs require regular cleaning to keep them free from dirt, wear, and tear. Clean your oriental area rug with this simple process:

  1. Vacuum the reverse side of the rug with the beater bar to remove the dirt from the surface and base.
  2. Sweep up the debris and vacuum the top surface with your vacuum hose.
  3. Carefully wash a tarp with a hard bristled brush, let it dry, and spread it across the surface of your driveway.
  4. Place your rug face down on the tarp and slowly pour a mixture of water and liquid detergent over the bottom of the rug. Scrub the back of the rug gently with a bristle broom.
  5. Rinse the top with pure cold water and use the bristle brush to pull soap and detergent off the rug. Always brush in the direction of the rug strands.
  6. Hand dry the rug with a squeegee or hand towel.

Removing Stains

Stains on an oriental area rug are tragic, especially if they're given the chance to fully soak into the fibers. There are a variety of cleaning items that are safe enough for your oriental area rug, but strong enough to break up even the most severe stains.

These cleaning items include:

  • Talcum powder
  • Mild detergents
  • White vinegar

Simply apply your cleaning solution directly to the stain, let it soak, and wipe away with a gentle sponge. Make sure to wipe with the fibers, instead of against, to avoid damage.

Other Care Tips

Regular cleaning and stain removal aren't the only ways you can take care of your oriental rug. The following rug care tips can help it avoid excessive wear and tear and add years to its life:

  • Rotate your rug at least once a year to help even out its wear.
  • Vacuum the top surface with the hose at least once or twice a week. Only use the beater bar if you're going to be cleaning your rug more thoroughly, as excessive beater bar use can wear down its delicate fibers.
  • Install a rug pad underneath to keep it safe from dirt and wear. Rug pads also keep it safe from slipping, which can not only damage its fibers, but cause personal injury.

The nice thing about these tips is that they don't have to be performed every day. They help increase the lifespan of your oriental area rug without taking up too much of your time.

Follow these simple processes and your oriental area rug should be around for a long, long time. However, if you feel you're not up to performing these tasks, you should contact a carpet cleaning specialist right away. They can help perform complex oriental area rug maintenance techniques that are designed to maximize the health of your oriental area rug.