City Street-Side Parking Is In Poor Condition? Here's What To Do As A Business Owner

If your operate a business in a downtown area that has limited parking, you might rely on the street-side parking spots in your city to provide parking for your customers. The spots aren't maintained by you, so you could be wondering what you can do about it if they are in poor condition. It's true that poor-quality parking spots can cause your customers to go elsewhere, but following these tips can help you have them repaired.

Talk to Other Business Owners

If there are other business owners in your area who are also concerned about the poor quality of the asphalt parking spaces in your area, consider talking to them about the situation. If they are willing to sign a petition or attend a city meeting with you, they can help you have your voice heard. If the city knows that there are a lot of business owners who are concerned about the parking spaces, they might be willing to think more about making repairs.

Take Pictures

There is a possibility that your city officials aren't even really aware of the poor-quality asphalt parking spaces near your business. Make sure that you take good-quality pictures of them, and consider focusing on serious potholes and other issues.

Get an Estimate

There is a good chance that the officials in your city assume that they cannot fit the cost of fixing the parking spaces into their budget. By getting an estimate, however, you can help let your city officials know how affordable it can be to make these repairs. Many asphalt repair and road construction companies are willing to come out and give free estimates, so consider calling one of these companies to ask about this service. Also, make sure that you get a printed estimate that has a breakdown of charges.

Attend a City Meeting

As someone who operates a business in your city, it's a good idea to attend a city meeting to talk about the situation. When you attend, consider bringing along other supporters and any documentation that you might have, such as the above-mentioned photographs and estimate. Then, you can pitch the issue to the city council and ask for a solution.

It may take a bit of time and hard work to convince your city council to do something about the parking spaces near your place of business. By putting forth an effort and following these steps, however, you can help encourage them to make this positive change for area businesses and the local community as a whole.