How To Decorate Your Driveway Gate For The Holidays

Decorating for the holiday can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very expensive and very hard work. If you have a driveway gate, one from a company like Cascade Fence Co Inc, you can affordably and easily decorate it to make it look festive and inviting to each person passing and every guest visiting. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you get this task completed affordably and easily.

Gather the Supplies

Mother Nature provided you with many of the supplies that you need to decorate your gate. Take a walk in the woods or talk with a local nursery or tree farm to get pine tree branches to use. In most cases, you can get pine branches for free or for a small fee. Look for branches that are full, green, and thin enough to bend and shape.

Also, look for over-sized pine cones. These can be a bit more difficult to find, but it is possible. If you cannot find them out in the woods or at the local tree farm, you can find them in just about every store that sells holiday decorations.

There are several options for attaching the pine branches to your gate. Consider using twine or clear zip ties. Twine can provide a more classic look, but the zip ties can be virtually undetected and possibly move the project along quicker.

Do you want to light the gate? If so, you will need a few strands of outdoor lights to use, as well as an extension cord to run power to the lights. If you are using lights that you have owned for years, be sure to spend a few minutes testing the lights, inspecting the cord for damage and replacing any burned out bulbs.

Decorate the Gate

Before you begin attaching the pine branches to the gate, lay them out on the ground to see what they will look like when put together. Try to pick the shape in which you will be positioning on the gate. This will help you get a better look without having to remove what you have already hung to make adjustments.

Begin working from the center point of each gate outwards. This way, you do not have to worry about running out of materials before you bring both sides of the branches together. Use the zip ties or twine to securely attach the pine branches to the gate.

If you are lighting your gate, now is the time to hang the lights. Use at least two light strands and start at the middle of the gate and work your way outwards like you did with the pine branches. Press the cords of the lighting into the pine branches and secure them in a few places to keep them from falling off as the gate moves.

Lastly, position the pine cones as you like. Pressing them deep into the pine branches will help keep them in place, but some may require a little more help staying in position. Use twist ties or zip ties to connect them to the branches.

Making your gate look festive and bright can add a lot of charm to your home during the holidays. Let your creativity shine as you work to decorate your gate for this beautiful holiday season.