Solar Powered Shingles-The Newest Way In Saving Energy

Adding solar shingles to your rooftop can be beneficial to the environment and to your electric bill. In the past, solar shingles, and solar panels in general, were something that were only bought by people who had deep pockets. The price of solar-powered materials has greatly reduced in the last decade, making it more and more affordable and desirable to the average homeowner. Here is some information about solar-powered roofing shingles that you can read to determine if you think this type of roof would benefit your own home.

How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar power works by allowing the sun's rays to heat up a panel that converts it into electricity. The larger the solar panels, the more power that the ultra violet rays will make for your home. The electricity current that is drawn from the sun is converted into battery storage that is hooked into your solar panel source. Saving the electricity allows it to be utilized at a later time. It can also be sold to electric companies or used to take money off of your electricity bill.

What Different Types Of Solar Power Are There?

There are two types of units that can be used: off-grid solar power and grid-tie solar power. Having an off-grid solar power system allows all of the energy that you have collected from the sun to be used in your household on days when the sun is not shining. It allows you to store up the power to be used at a later time.

Having a grid-tie solar power system will tie you into the power grid in your area, allowing you to actually make money. You can sell the energy that you store to your electric company. If you have enough solar power collection capability in your solar power source, you will be able to store the energy in the battery to be used as you wish.

How Can Solar Shingles Benefit Me?

Solar shingles are the newest way to collect energy from the sun. The panels are actually incorporated into shingles that can be put on your roof along with regular asphalt shingles. You would incorporate a few rows of solar power shingles among your other shingling.

The amount of power that you would get from these shingles would vary depending on your home size, the size of the shingles, and the amount of sunlight that you are able to obtain. Overall, it is possible to save anywhere from 20-70% off of your energy bill. With this kind of saving, you will be able to pay for the amount of the shingle installation within a few years. Contact a company like Bell Roof Co for more information.