Creative Flooring Techniques For Small Spaces

If you are looking for some creative ways to enhance the floors of your small apartment, office, or dwelling, you can use some inventive flooring solutions that will improve the overall look of the room or space. These are cost-friendly options that work particularly well in smaller areas, but that could be adapted to become economical approaches for larger homes, too.

Some clever and cost-efficient solutions include:


Carpeting has a way of instantly warming up a space, while providing a practical surface for feet in the home. For small spaces, carpet tiles may be the most practical approach. These are easy to lay and inexpensive to buy. Try the following carpeting techniques in your home:

  • Buy remnant pieces of carpet and create a pattern or design. These can be cut smaller for a patchwork-effect.

  • Consider unique, versatile carpeting in small spaces of the home. For instance, green outdoor carpet can bring a grassy feature to a child's bedroom, which is ideal to play on.


Vinyl is an affordable and versatile flooring material that is easy to install. You should have a decent sub-floor before using vinyl one-piece or adhesive tiles, or it will likely require frequent repairs. Some unique ways to give your vinyl floor flair include the following:

  • Use different colors or types of tiles around the perimeter of your room to create a border. Consider cutting the border tiles at a diagonal angle to give the floor interest and visual style.

  • Make a pattern using different types and colors of tiles, but work from the center of the room out.

  • Use graph paper to draw out the pattern or design of your floor perfectly. Also, be sure the sub-floor is completely clean, dry, and debris-free before starting the project.


There is a very vintage look to floorcloths, and many give your room an Arts & Crafts-period sense of style. These work well in less-traffic areas, although the durable quality of canvas can make these a practical option throughout the home. Try some of the following ideas to give a simple canvas floorcloth some personality:

  • Stencil a plain floorcloth with latex paint to replicate ivy, leaves, flowers, or other print that might be echoed in the room.

  • Use masking tape to create a geometric design with different colored paints. When the paint is dry, remove the tape.

  • After painting or drawing on canvas floorcloths, finish with a spray of a water-based polyurethane. This will help to seal the floorcloth design.

Try any of these suggestions when you want to enhance the floors of your room, and give the space a cohesive, stylish look. Whether using carpet, vinyl, or floorcloths, your space can integrate colors, patterns, or design motifs that give the entire home a fresh, rejuvenated appearance. Contact a professional, such as Builders Flooring, to discuss your specific floor needs and desires.