Faux Exteriors: When Siding Takes On An Entirely Different Look

Just about any look you want in or out of your home you can have. It no longer has to be the expensive and real version of anything. Faux flooring, faux log cabins, faux finishes--it is all fake but all attractive enough to fool the eye. Now you can ask a siding contractor to use "faux" siding to make your home look like it was built from a different material, when it most definitely is not.

Everything from Faux Brick to Faux Cottage

Now that you are looking for a change in your home's exterior appearance, you can purchase any kind of siding you want. However, some of the more interesting siding options available to you through a siding contractor are the ones that look exactly like the type of building material you always wanted. For instance, you would love to live in a brick home. It looks old, sturdy, and comforting. Unfortunately, you would have to tear down your current home to rebuild with brick, or you would sell your current home and buy one made of brick, right?

Wrong. Newer siding materials made of metal are pre-printed with just about any sort of pattern you can imagine:

  • Gray or red brick
  • Shabby chic farmhouse
  • Antique clapboard
  • Dog-eared shingle
  • Wide-panel wood siding

You might even find a manufacturer or two who will customize the look of your siding using your own design ideas.

Metal Faux Finish Siding's Benefits

Unlike the real building materials and finishes, the metal faux finish siding:

  • never needs touch-ups because it is not painted.
  • lasts a very long time and, with the exception of a natural disaster or a vehicle ramming into it, it cannot be damaged.
  • will not need replacing in the next couple of decades because it is made to resist sun and oxidation.
  • can be totally repainted with outdoor metal paint if you get really bored with the current finish/color. (Be careful about this as it might void your warranty.)

Ordering Through a Contractor

Not all contractors are aware that such siding exists. It has not become a widespread thing, even though roofing contractors are aware of it. (Roofing contractors sell similar metal roof products.) If you have a siding contractor that deals with metal siding, you may be able to convince him or her to order this more unique product for you. Since it installs in almost the same way as any other siding material and product, it should not be too hard for your contractor to order and install it.