Are Your Gutters Adding Value To Your Home?

Rain gutters can be quite valuable in a storm, or during a particularly rainy season, but proper maintenance is essential to keeping them in good working condition. If they are not maintained, mold and mildew can grow and cause your fascia boards and soffits to rot, costing you thousands of dollars in roof repair. Here are a few useful tips to make sure that your gutters are adding to the value of your home.

1. Installation Them Properly.

Making sure that your gutters are installed properly is essential. Ensure a tight seal between the fascia board and the gutter. Also, use a water-proof sealant to make sure that there are no areas where water can drip and collect behind the gutter. This will prevent problems before they begin.

Another good thing to keep in mind when installing gutters is to make sure that your fascia boards are in good shape. Attaching a gutter to an already rotten board will only make things worse down the road.

2. Keep Them Clean.

It is especially important to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters in order for them to function properly. Stopped up gutters can cause leaks and overflows, and even detract from the value of your home.

Periodically remove leaves and straw that fall into your gutters can keep these items from becoming impacted in the drainage pipe, and can extend the life of your investment. Also, using a pressure washer or hose to rinse out debris that might have gotten into the drainage pipe is also a good idea.

3. Paint or Seal Them.

Over time, metal rain gutters can begin to rust or corrode. This can shorten the life of your gutters, and it also diminishes the seal between the gutter and the facia.

It is a good idea to check for corrosion while you are cleaning out the debris. If you see any places where the metal is exposed, it may be a good idea to paint or seal the entire gutter before it begins to rust. If you choose to paint your gutters, make sure to paint both the inside and outside of the entire gutter system. This will keep your gutters from having an unfinished or patched look.

With proper maintenance, your rain gutters will add value and function for many years to come. By making sure that they are installed properly, cleaned periodically, and sealed or painted regularly, you can ensure that you have them for many years to come. You can have a professional, such as from Nebraskaland Siding & Windows, do this work for you.